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Oregon, July/August 2005

On Monday (July 25th), I drove to Oregon, stopping for a couple of hours to say "hello" to brother Richard and his friend Kim who live in Eugene. We drove over to a coffee house next to the campus. This brought back fond memories of college life, many years ago.

The weather has been warm and dry ... in the 80's and 90's. Luckily it cools off at night.

On Wednesday, my family gave me a great birthday picnic on Mother's patio. Since cousin Roger's and nephew Andrew's birthdays are in 6 days, they got in on the celebration too. We made do-it-yourself burritos.

On Thursday we drove to the beach house at Lincoln City. Mother and I stopped by the train station in Salem and picked up Richard.

Mother has rented a house that is about 3 blocks away (sleeps 20!). Last night we ate spaghetti and tonight it's "Snow on the Mountain" (curry on rice with lots of condiments.

My nephew Marcus and his friend Bae are flying in tonight to spend the weekend.

We enjoyed another beautiful day on the coast.  The sun has been shining every day but it's not that hot.  The kids play at the house then go down on the beach.

Yesterday a large group of us drove up to the parking lot for the hike to the Drift Creek Bridge.  A few years ago, a group of naturalists built a pedestrian suspension bridge over this creek at the site of a falls.  We walked over a mile on a well maintained pathway.  Some of us took the "North Loop" shortcut which was actually longer!  Philip, Marcus and Kim took the kids down to the water and Philip carried each over so them could be under the falls.

Last night Elaine make 6 batches of yeast dough so that we could make our own individual pizzas.  It really worked out well ... in spite of only having only 1 oven and for 25 pizzas!

Hawaii, January 2005

We slipped into waters off shore from Kona this morning.  A nice view to wake up to.  Last evening we sailed from Hilo.  When we got to the lava flows at 10 PM, the ship slowed and made a complete circle.  The lava glowed orange in many places, defining a wide flow to the ocean.

A highlight was the celebration of my friend Ruth's birthday on January 3rd at Gaylord's Restaurant on Kauai.  This restaurant is in the estate of the Wilcox family, an early settler on this island.     Later on, we drove towards Waimea Canyon, saw the Wailua Falls and saw the sun set in Princeville.  It rained a bit but was mostly nice.

Bay Area friend Carl and I are on this Hawaiian Island cruise and it has been wonderful.  I'm sharing a cabin with Mike, a co-worker of Ruth's.  She is sharing a cabin with long time friend Jeanne (from Greece) and, Carl is sharing a cabin and his Sacramento friend Bob.

The weather has been warm, sunny and partly cloudy.

On New Years Eve, Mike and I ate Thai dinner with Stacy, a woman who will be cat sitting for Mike.  We walked to Queen Surf on Waikiki beach towards Diamond Head and sat on benches and watched the fireworks at midnight, bringing in 2005.  We met some friends of Mike who also watching the display.  Here is a picture from that night: 

TomD, Carl, Ruth, Mike, Jeanne and Bob

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