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Trouble Shooting
Changing Startup Items:
bulletClick on Start | Run
bulletEnter msconfig and then click on OK
bulletClick on the Startup tab

Uncheck any programs you don't what to start when you turn on the computer.  You won't know what some items are, but if you look at the text under "commands" and "location" you may get a clue.  It is easy to put these back in by repeating the above steps and check the box.

After you restart your computer you'll be alerted that the configuration was changed.  Click the box so you won't be reminded again and click ok.

Tracking down computer anomalies:

Start | Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Event Viewer

Look at the 3 types of events.  You might get a clue as to what is causing a problem


bulletSearch with Google
bulletProblem Resolution Search
bulletSearch for Movies/Casts, etc.
bulletUltimate White Pages
bullet Search for Urban Legends

Communities & Forums

Some more links to some interesting places
bulletSmyrna UCC

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